Trade Show Technology You Must Include in Your Next Exhibition

Trade Show Technology You Must Include in Your Next Exhibition

Technology is taking over the world from almost all fronts and if you are in the tradeshow industry, you have every reason to employ the use of technology for better results. There are a couple of technologies that exhibitors are currently using to crush it with during the events, and since this is a fast changing world, we can only expect the number to keep on growing on a daily basis.

Below are some of the tradeshow technologies worth watching out for and which you should include in your next exhibition:

Event planning software

Before you even think about setting up your booth, you can streamline the entire planning process with an event planning software. Through the software, you can come up with a suitable booth design, organize team communications, and analyze data from past participants amongst others. With such an application, you get full project management capabilities which will in turn give you the power to customize your event so that you reap maximum benefits from it.

Charging stations

Charging stations is to offer more convenience to your attendees and also create several marketing opportunities in your booth. People nowadays rely on mobile devices for communication and tradeshow attendees are always desperate to find outlet to charge their devices.

By providing charging stations, you can keep the attendees engaged with visual media about your products or get your staff to engage them on one-on-one marketing. Eventually, you will get more leads, even from attendees who never had any interests in your products, but simply passed by because you had somewhere they could charge their devices.

Digital Signage is soon taking over

The era of printing and hanging up signs in trade show booths is almost outdated. With advancement in technology, digital signage is now the new kid on the block, as far tradeshow displays are concerned.

With an LCD monitor, you can get a lot of versatility in your brand message and the ability to have multiple displays rotating on one screen at the same time. This is unlike the traditional banner stands where one banner is dedicated to one message or one brand.

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