Age of Conan Farming Tips

The gold problem, as in any mmorpg collecting your source of game income is always a boring task. No different for Age of Conan. After playing the game a bit the currency consists of tin, copper, silver and gold. You could compare it to real life system of pennies, nickels, dimes and dollars. Starting out in the game the only money you get is in tin. But I’ve compiled a few tips for new players trying to fatten up their pockets.

  1. Questing – Doing plenty of quests a day has plenty of merits to it. The quest rewards usually consists of experience points, and of course money! So keep questing there are plenty of npc’s out there offering a quest.
  2. Looting – Like all mmorpg’s monsters or mobs always drop some kind of bag full of goodies. Almost always the bag will contain money. Players tend to forget to pick it up thus wasting a valuable chance. It may not seem plenty when you kill 1 mob. But let’s say you kill 7 or 10 in a row it will build up and keeps your cash flow going.
  3. Selling unwanted Loot – From the previous tip looting is great way to get that extra coin, but bags will also contain gear and or items that you not need and can happily scoot over the nearest merchant npc to sell the loot for a good amount of coin!
  4. Frowned upon but cannot be ignored – Players buy gold from other players. There are gold farmers who make a living, selling their in game millions for real life cash. You can take this route of course but to your discretion. The downside of this of course is it will hurt your real life pocket.

If these simple tips are followed you are on your way to fat pockets and fast mounts! Of course there is better solution and probably the most efficient. The last tip about buying gold is not bad but how convenient would it be if you could find out the gold farmers techniques? You could farm your own gold and wouldn’t have to spend any real money as you get in game richer. The solution to this is simple an Age of Conan Gold Guide which reveals the secrets of gold farming is your key to getting richer and learning the techniques of all gold farmers alike.