Online High Stakes Poker – Who is [email protected]?

[email protected] or Hallingol is considered to be one the best online poker players in the world. He is often destroying his opponents on Poker Stars at the highest limits. He usually plays in the 25/50NL table with a maximum buy-in of $5000. His hyper-aggressive style puts pressure on his opponents to make mistakes. Many times his opponents will push all in with AA or KK while [email protected] calls with his straight. [email protected] has been one of the most consistent cash game players on Poker Stars. On any given night you can see this guy with profits close to $30, 000. Many of the other online professionals are too scared to play him heads up. [email protected] has an amazing ability to read his opponent’s hand. He regularly makes calls with weak pairs when he senses that his opponent is weak. He is rumored to only be 24 years of age. He said that he started playing 1/2NL and continued to build his bankroll.

[email protected] has had very little tournament experience but he still manages to place high in these events when he does play. He is by far the most feared opponent on Poker Stars. One can only aspire to be as great as [email protected] in his poker career. He often battles it out with another well-known pro called Twin Caracas. How does he play poker so well? Watch him play and analyze all of his moves. Thinking about how the great players think will improve your game dramatically. He mainly plays on Poker Stars and may have some unknown name on Full Tilt. Most people have to pay to watch Lebron dunk the basketball, you can watch [email protected] for free online.