Best Ways to Making Gold in Age of Conan

Gold makes the proverbial world go round in age of Conan… If you are used to playing MMORPG’s you will already know that the games currency is extremely important for progression. If you have no gold, you may not be able to get that important piece of armor, that great weapon or that potion you need.

Some people seem to think that making gold in age of Conan is difficult; it isn’t at all, you just need to know where to start and how to go about making the gold in age of Conan. One of the main problems is that game currencies do go through inflations just as we do in real life. People sell the gold to other players for ridiculous amounts of money and the value of the age of Conan gold goes up.

It is not recommended to buy the gold from ‘gold farmers’, but instead to buy gold guides that tell you exactly the best methods to make gold while playing the game. The gold guides for aoc are typically 20-30 pages long and detail every single method of making money. Some of these methods could be special areas in the game that not many people know about where the monsters drop a lot of gold.

The gold guides give you a distinct advantage over the other people playing on your server as they may not know how to make 100-200 gold every day when playing age of Conan. You can have the upper hand for making gold in age of Conan and win most fights and battles, as you can buy the best equipment available.

Having more gold means you can start a new guild and make it more successful and more powerful than you would be able to do if you had no gold. Having a wealth of gold also means you are more likely to be approached for quests, help and respect.

If you are serious Age of Conan gamer and want to know how you can make your own gold without having to pay for it or if you level faster and easier in the Age Of Conan, check out the only guide that exposes the it all Age of Conan Strategy Guide []

Age of Conan Fast Gold – How to Get Rich in AoC

I was getting kinda fed up in Hyboria – I was trying to remember if Conan ever went busking or spent a lot of time scavenging for bits of leather and running back to sell them over and over again. I think I better reread the books as I don’t remember those bits – in fact AoC gold surely shouldn’t be such an issue. Well it is an issue and it was beginning to annoy me – of course I don’t want to play the game and instantly be able to afford everything in the game but I did want to know how to get Age of Conan fast gold.

That much wished for mount is something worth working for but I thought in Age of Conan it was impossible to get fast gold.  For the initial player gaining any sort of money is practically impossible in AoC – never mind gold. Now we all know Age of Conan has many issues with gold making being just one of them – however the game can easily become a non-stop gold farming grindstone if it’s not careful and that’s well plain boring. Fortunately I could see this happening and I did something about it – I tried a few techniques I found on the internet to make more gold with no success – I made some gold but very slowly just like all my methods. All the suggestions made sense but just didn’t seem to work that well.

I did think of buying some AoC gold but the thought of paying real money for made up virtual money was too painful to think of. Besides I had been told that it was possible to be banned for buying and selling gold like this although I do wonder if Funcom have other things on their mind at the moment. So I looked around for an AoC gold guide – I’d bought one when I played World of Warcraft and that had been a great success. Unfortunately my first purchase of an Age of Conan one wasn’t – it was full of ways to make money but they were all very general and included loads of things I’d tried before. Fortunately the guide I bought first has included a 30 money day back guarantee which to be fair they honoured.