Smith & Wesson Mp 15-22 – Sheep Disguised As Wolf

Smith & Wesson Mp 15-22 – Sheep Disguised As Wolf

The S & W MP15-22 is a .22LR carbine, has emerged in the ” black rifle ” and ” tacticool ” wave of recent years, where consumers do not just want a more functional weapon, they want their weapon to combine the desired functionality with the last word in modern design and aesthetic beauty. In the American market, where business survival depends on constant innovations, where the consumer is extremely demanding, Smith & Wesson has launched up-to-date weapons, such as the 15-22 case.

The 15-22 is a sheep disguised as a wolf because of noveske kx3 lower, despite firing one of the most anemic calibers, the first sight is easily mistaken for an AR15 rifle at 5.56 NATO. S & W’s intention is the same. And in that case, S & W was right on target.

A tremendous sales success in the US, S & W’s bet has borne fruit for the company. Several competitors, including Mossberg (manufactured by CBC), and Colt (made by Walther) came in. Despite the competition, the S & W 15-22 remains one of the top-selling .22LR carbines today. Maybe only the Ruger 10-22, which has a loyal clientele and a legendary name, sells more than the S & W 15-22. In the AR15 category at .22 LR the 15-22 is king.

With 18 models available, highly customizable, there’s no way the shooter will not be happy buying a 15-22. Incidentally customization is one of the strengths of this weapon. The noveske lower ( lower part of the weapon) accepts standard parts of the AR15, such as competition triggers (which I installed on mine). The only part that was intentionally customized not to accept parts of AR15s in stronger gauges was the loader. This was done so that the base of the weapon with larger calipers is not used, since it was not designed for this. In the upper part of the gun, the flame arrester can also be replaced, and the use of suppressors is facilitated by the pipe being threaded.

The polymer was the material that S & W chose to make the 15-22 in almost its entirety. With the exception of some parts: trigger, barrel and bolt, practically everything else is polymer. This makes the gun very light and comfortable to use. As it is lightweight, it is ideal for instruction for new shooters, especially children. The caliber also helps, and the weapon has practically no recoil. And speaking of caliber, the .22LR, here enters its main philosophy of use, which is automatically linked to this ammunition: Recreation. In this regard the 15-22 is exceptional. In some places this pest and small-game hunting weapon is also used, but the main use is recreation.

With an integral rail in the hand guard, the weapon is very versatile. The use of accessories is almost mandatory. I already installed a different 4 sights, forward grip, noveske kx5, flashlight, everything you can imagine. It is a weapon that invites experimentation. And with this here comes another philosophy of use: Training in the use of an AR15. The 15-22 has all the latches and features of an AR15 at 5.56x45mm. For those who need to train use in an AR15 without getting overdrawn, a 15-22 may be the solution. The price in the US, starting at about $ 400, is also very inviting.

Although the 15-22 is faithful to the controls and latches of the AR15s at 5.56 NATO, the big difference, apart from the gauge, is the bolt operating system. The 15-22 uses blowback , typical of semi-automatic weapons in .22LR. While an AR15 at 5.56 NATO utilizes gas ( direct impingement ) through a pipe above the barrel. Looking at the hand guard it is possible to notice the absence of the gas pipe, which is evident in AR15s in .22LR.

In conclusion, with more than 5,000 shots of all sorts of ammunition imaginable, including slide fire butts (which simulate automatic fire), my 15-22 is extremely reliable. Discounting the ammunition flaws (the 22LR is not the most reliable ammunition there is), the weapon is stick to all work. Very recommended for beginners and people looking for a very stylish recreation gun. In summary, highly recommended.

Technical data:

 Caliber:      .22LR

 Charger Capacity:        25

 Operating System:         Blowback

 Size: 16 “

 Step of the raiding:       1:15 “

Weight:       2,5kg

 Adjustable sights

 Coronha extendable in 6 positions.

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